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No-code / Low-code

No-code / Low-code

No-code / Low-code custom business applications for your specific business needs!

Save time and cost by improving your business processes and focus on your core business activities, and optimize business value!

With a cloud-based platform such as Zoho or kintone, we build customized business applications with low investment!

Automate and optimize various business processes with Workflow, Authorization customization, chat and auto email forwarding!

We can easily build business applications with drag-and-drop and a few clicks on an intuitive graphic interface!!

When you need to change your specification after implementation, we can easily change and modify your applications immediately!

Digital Transformation

Transform Excel/Email into Cloud-Based Applications

Are you still using Excel to manage your business data and email as a primary communication tool?

We can transform your Excel files to cloud-based applications in a few minutes with Zoho or Kintone.

We can use Zoho CRM with automation configuration or you can choose various pre-built applications with Kintone. We can easily customize your applications from templates or just by importing Excel sheets.

We can easily build business applications with a few clicks with low/no coding.

Choose from below platforms

Digital Transformation

Business Process Improvement Specialist

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Current Business Process Analysis

Improved Business Process Proposal

Custom Development



Project Management


Save time and cost by improving Business Processes in an ever-changing environment!

We develop Custom Business Applications to improve and optimize your daily operations for your specific business needs!

With Zoho CRM, we customize and automate your sales workflows.

Or we help build fully customized business applications with Kintone or Zoho Creator application builder for your specific needs that cannot be fulfilled by ERP software!

From the current business process analysis to optimized process proposals, and from agile development to project management, we are the one-stop center for business process improvement!

Business Process Analysis

We analyze current business processes and propose improved and optimized business processes!

Digital Transformation

We can transform Excel files and Email as your primary business management tools into cloud-based applications!

No-code / Low-Code platform

With Zoho CRM, automate and optimize your sales workflows and authorization processes, or build fully customized business applications with Kintone application builder for your specific needs with No/Low-coding! Easily modify the applications whenever your needs change!!

Custom development

Fully customized application development with JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Google Apps Script or Microsoft .Net! Integrate with third-party services via API!

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Site renewal!

Our Website has been renewed with a new design! With Zoho CRM, Salesforce, and kintone, No-code / Low-code business processes improvement without breaking the bank!

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Mamoru is a super focused and driven programmer that brings a variety of skills to a project.

Alison Sansone

Owner, qualiant media design

Mamoru is a volunteer for the Project Management Institute of Orange County. He has been supporting the Chapter's website with content management and direct Website design input. Mamoru is one of our most reliable volunteers, always willing to set in and address the needs of the chapter and his fellow volunteers. He gets along very well with his teammates and has provided training to new volunteers to the team.
Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

Michael Weir

IT Director, PMI Orange Country Chapter

I was not directly working with him, but Mamoru did do a great job for us. He was responsible and worked well with others.

Michael Ames

COO, AppSolutely, Inc.

I worked with Mamoru for over a decade. He has a great ability to learn new technologies and writes solid code. He is also a PMP and is good at project management.

Paul Pacun

President, Meiotic Inc

Mr. Fujinoki is an excellent bilingual IT consultant. He helped me build our website both in Japanese and English. Thank you very much!

Dr. Yuki Uchida

Owner, Doctor of Chiropractic/Licensed Acupuncturist, Yuki Uchida Clinic

Mr. Fujinoki's job is very detail-oriented, accurate and carefully done. The most delightful thing is he acts as though an internal IT professional and works from customer's point of view for those companies without internal IT department.

Haruki Nakamoto

President & CEO, Dlles In Inc.

Mr. Fujinoki is very helpful in all IT service area. He is the kind of handyman specialty.

Takayuki Hori

CPA & Immigration Attorney, Hori Law Office


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